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Who am I?

A professional scientist and an amateur photographer, with perhaps one day the chance to reverse the two. I'm old enough to have an (almost) adult son, young enough to know what it's like to be his age, wise enough to understand that wishes aren't realities and naive enough to pursue my wishes anyway. 

Perfectly poised, just like a singularity, to break out into something wholly unexpected and likely completely confusing.

Like something you see? Great. Let me know by hitting 'like' or even following me on any of my social media outlets. And if you like it enough to own it as a print (framed or unframed) or even on a mug, get in touch. I don't bite...

About the photo

Yes, that's me. Thanks for the compliment. not too shabby.

And in the background, two enthusiastic gentlemen adhering to expected guidelines in a fabulously cheap (but good) eatery in a hutong in Beijing. 

I'd claim credit for the photo, only my camera doesn't mount on a selfie stick. My sister took it. But it was totally under my guidance and artistic direction...which probably explains why I'm not perfectly in focus.